Q&A with Robin Williams

Robin Williams as Pappass in David Duchovny’s 'The House of D'
Robin Williams as Pappass in David Duchovny’s ‘The House of D’

Doing a roundtable interview with Robin Williams is akin to a free show in a small comedy club. That’s the best description I can give of my experience this past weekend as I participated in the press day for House of D in Manhattan.

I’ve always been a fan of his comedy, and to stand by and watch him go live was terrific. What’s hilarious about it is not necessarily his comedy, but how he can switch from calm and sedate to wildly animated and vocal. And there’s intelligence to his riffs that give them meaning, and that’s why I think he’s funny.

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Q&A with David Duchovny

David Duchovny wrote, directed and starred in 'House of D'
David Duchovny wrote, directed and starred in ‘House of D’

This may sound strange, but when David Duchovny first entered the room the first thing I noticed about him was that his eyes were small. Odd, right? But they are. He’s a rather tall fellow, but for some reason my attention settled on his eyes. And they seemed small for the rest of his face.

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Q&A with Téa Leoni

Téa Leoni plays mother in 'House of D'
Téa Leoni plays mother in ‘House

Sometimes interviews can surprise you. When I arrived at the hotel in Manhattan to participate in the series of roundtables designed to promote House of D, the film written and directed by David Duchovny, I wasn’t sure which person was going to come in first.

I have to be honest and say I was very much looking forward to meeting Robin Williams. But when Téa Leoni entered, I was pleasantly surprised. A lovely a woman in person as she is on screen, she speaks with a deep, sultry voice. That, accompanied by her dry wit and piercing eyes, and suddenly I was thinking, “wait, who? We have other people to talk with today?”

And Téa Leoni thankfully had some interesting things to say about House of D and her experience working on it, so it all worked out well for everyone. Now, enough with this drivel, on with the questions.

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