WATCH IT: ‘World War Z’ Super Bowl trailer

Brad Pitt battles zombies in global war versus the undead

Brad Pitt fights to protect his family in 'World War Z'
Brad Pitt fights to protect his family in ‘World War Z’

I haven’t read the book, World War Z. But I’ve wanted to.

Sometimes I’ve made the effort to read a novel before seeing the film adaptation. Other times I’ve felt compelled to read it after seeing the movie.

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From what I’ve read about the book, this doesn’t appear to be a direct adaptation. But that’s hard to tell, as the trailer reveals very little. The below trailer is the one set to air during the Super Bowl, and really it isn’t much different from what’s been shown previously.

What about you all? Have you read the book, and would you recommend people do the same before seeing the movie?

That's a whole lotta zombies in 'World War Z'
That’s a whole lotta zombies in ‘World War Z’

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