Planning Ahead

Part two of a series of articles on the importance of properly planning a film production. This article focuses on breaking down the budget.

'The Goonies'

‘The Goonies’ is a wonderful escapist childhood fantasy

When I was a kid I was completely drawn in by The Goonies. A pure escapist childhood fantasy from the mind of Steven Spielberg. I went to see it with my friends several times. I made treasure maps at home going so far as to literally burn the paper in the oven to brown it then take a match and singe the edges…

'Moulin Rouge'

I hate musicals… but ‘Moulin Rouge’ was great

Let me start by saying this: I HATE MUSICALS! With a few exceptions — The Music Man and White Christmas — I cant stand musicals. I just never understood how all those people know the same dance steps or all the words to the songs But Moulin Rouge is different…

Planning Ahead

The first part of a series of articles focusing on the importance of properly planning a film production.


‘Made’ is Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau at their best

Swingers was one of those movies that I wound up seeing more than a dozen times because the pay-cable channels just loved showing it. Now they love showing lots of movies and I dont constantly tune in for them. But Swingers was funny and I enjoyed the inside film jokes as well as the obvious ones…