Are DVDs really worth it?

With a multitude of special platinum and collectors editions do the often worthless special features really make these DVDs worth buying or are the studios just fleecing our pockets

Diary from the 48-Hour Film Project

Imagine having only 48 hours to write a script for a film, shoot all of your scenes in a variety of locations, and edit the film so that it is ready to be judged in a competition. Who would want to put themselves under such pressure?? Even faced with these crazy conditions and an insane deadline, local film makers eagerly signed up to compete in the 2003 Tour of the 48-Hour Film Project in Washington DC this month.

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'Satan's Sadists' (1969)

Drive-In Monsters

You may not have heard of the film director Al Adamson and Sam Sherman who have been called movie sleaze merchants by some maverick filmmakers by others but whatever anyone says they laughed all the way to the bank.

Making Movies and the PB+J

Although one may think making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is easy when you break it down there are a lot of steps involved. The same can be said about filmmaking.

Why Sundance Sucks

Sundance used to be a cool film festival. They showed cutting edge films that were truly different from mainstream fare. The selections werent dominated by hype and big names but were chosen instead based on the quality of the film. None of that is true anymore.