‘RoboCop’ Then & Now: Set photos reveal RoboCop’s new look for remake

1987's 'RoboCop' vs 2013's 'RoboCop'
1987’s ‘RoboCop’ vs 2013’s ‘RoboCop’

We’re finally getting a good look at how Robocop’s suit will look for the upcoming remake.

Set photos, posted by Coming Soon, show the new, darker version of Officer Murphy (played by Joel Kinnaman).

Where 1987’s RoboCop – a movie about a cop who gets turned into a state-of-the-art cyborg designed to fight crime – was shiney with metallic plating, this new version has more of a stealth fighter look. The headgear also ditches the chrome dome and narrow eyepiece for a helmet more like a fighter pilot, with a transparent cover which undoubtedly serves as a heads-up display.

Another photo, which can be seen here, shows the new RoboCop sans mask. The look is different from Peter Weller’s RoboCop, whose face appeared to be fused into a cybernetic cranium. This new one looks more like a helmet.

There’s also a bit of a bionic man vibe in it, to me. His right hand looks to be human, while his left is all suit.

The new design looks fairly good to me. The alterations seem to make sense, considering the technilogical advancements that have happened in the real world in the last 25 years. Making the suit look like it did in that film would seem dated now.

Kinnaman echoed this logic back in June: “Our vision of a robot 30 years from now is very different from the vision of what a robot was in the future in 1987.”

Some have argued online that the new RoboCop looks more like a guy wearing a suit than a half-man/half-robot. To that I will say… it is a guy wearing a suit.

It’s really hard to get a firm sense of how the outfit will look based on a set photo, where everything is out of context. When seen in the film it will most likely appear more authentic.

At the same time, RoboCop 2.0 does appear to share similar traits with this design for a soldier of the future, as presented by the Digital Journal back in 2007.

The new RoboCop, set to be released in 2013, stars Kinnaman, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Clive Owen, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley and Jay Baruchel. It’s being directed by José Padilha, off a script by Nick Schenk, James Vanderbilt and Joshua Zetumer.

What do you think of RoboCop 2.0?

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