‘Jurassic World’ went giant rather than just standing pat

Chris Pratt in 'Jurassic World'

Although it doesn’t really compare to the original, ‘Jurassic World’ is one fun ride. … Read More

Director Justin Lin may have revealed title for newest 'Star Trek' film with hashtag, #StarTrekBeyond.

Get ready for ‘Star Trek Beyond’, says Justin Lin

Director Justin Lin tweets photo from set of new ‘Star Trek’ film, possibly reveal title with hashtag #StarTrekBeyond. … Read More


James Horner – An Appreciation

It’s sad to know that we’ll never hear another original James Horner composition again. … Read More


Take a peek at ‘Spy’

My name is Bond. Jane Bond. Or perhaps it should be changed to Maxine Smart. Those are just two of the film franchises that many of the gags found in Spy. … Read More

jurassic world

‘Jurassic World’ sets box office record… or did it?

The results are in. Several sources claim Jurassic World, with its $204.6 million domestic gross has the second best opening weekend of all time at the box office. However, if we use a different measure, the results are quite a bit different. … Read More


Christopher Lee dead at 93

Actor, voiceover artist, singer and soldier – he was a true Renaissance Man. … Read More


‘San Andreas’ really shakes up the big screen

The disaster film genre came to major prominence in the 1970s, with Airport, The Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno and Earthquake. … Read More


Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ fails to live up to the level of its namesake

The Disney film that takes its title from the park’s futuristic area, Tomorrowland earned a D-ticket with the D standing for disappointing. … Read More

Leonard Nimoy giving the Vulcan hand salute on 'Star Trek'

Leonard Nimoy succumbs to COPD

Leonard Nimoy, actor, director, writer, singer and more; has passed away.  He was 83. … Read More

‘American Sniper’ hits the target, dead center

American Sniper

You should definitely give American Sniper a shot. … Read More

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