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Welcome to TAIL SLATE: THE LAST WORD IN MOVIES since the year 2000! It developed from a simple film-appreciation site, with a goal to provide amateur filmmakers and dreamers with an understanding of how films are made, the work that goes into them and the sweat it causes. It is also a place for filmmakers and lovers of film to come together, share their appreciation for the craft, and help other writers, directors, editors, actors, etc. gain the know-how they need to achieve their dreams.If you are interested in submitting a film review, a film-related book review, or an article/essay for and/or about filmmakers, then please review our Contributor’s Submission Guidelines. Here’s a breakdown on our different departments:

REVIEWS (DVDs, Films, Books): Reviews of the latest DVDs, films and film-related books.

NEWS: Movie and TV news regarding upcoming DVDs, films, television shows and more.

ARTICLES: Articles and essays about films and filmmaking, as well as interviews with stars and directors.

HORROR GURU: The Guru discusses classic horrors from from the last thirty years, as well as new flicks hitting theaters and DVD stands today. There is also a monthly news roundup about upcoming horror films.

TV TALK (Articles & Reviews): Reviews of the latest television shows, as well as DVD sets and interviews with various television personalities both in front and behind the cameras.

MUST SEE MOVIES: Movies that we here at Tail Slate want to promote, be them new releases or classics that deserve recognition.

INDIE FLICKS: Low-budget and ultra-low-budget features and short films. We welcome submissions by filmmakers.

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