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Michael Sheridan
A New York-based writer, director and editor of more than a dozen short films, Sheridan has worked on several feature film sets, been a writer for the New York Daily News, the Queens Chronicle and Digital Imaging magazine.

Brian Milinsky
L.A. Correspondent/Critic
He has served in the military, been an FM D.J. and an award-winning radio news reporter/anchor/writer/editor. He is presently a screenwriter and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Regular Contributor(s):

And Palladino
A graduate of Connecticut College with a BA in film studies, Palladino has been writing about films since the age of 14 when he first started contributing to the Home News Tribune newspaper in New Jersey. You may have seen him on 30 Rock walking by Tina Fey. He has worked on the documentary for the band Leftover Crack, and more to come…

Past Contributor(s):

Timothy Lopes (a.k.a., The Horror Guru)
Have any comments or questions? Email the Guru at: horrorguru@tailslate.net.

Douglas Strassler
A freelance writer and lifelong pop culture junkie. A 2001 graduate of the University of Virginia, he currently lives in New York City. His proudest accomplishment remains having Anthony Hopkins say that he likes him.

Jonathan Cane
He graduated New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1998, earning a degree with top honors in Film & Television Production. His brushes with Hollywood are many, and began by way of MTV News, where he was a producer of the segment “Movie House Shorts”, a series covering the sets, red carpets, junkets and life of Hollywood. He is currently a producer, editor and series creator in Los Angeles.

Christine Conradt
A graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television, has been involved in production and development since 1996. She works as an independent reader and t.v. writer, and has covered more than 250 screenplays for west coast production and distribution companies. She co-wrote thrillers The Perfect Nanny (USA, 2000) and A Killer Upstairs (Lifetime, 2005), and wrote an urban drama/action titled Ghetto Dawg 2 (straight-to-video, 2005)

Lisa Cron
She spent a decade in publishing before turning to TV, where she’s been supervising producer on shows for Court TV, Bravo, and Showtime. However, she is most proud of working on Fox’s WHEN GOOD PETS GO BAD, PART 2, a show that was heartily mocked on THE SIMPSONS. In addition to writing several optioned screenplays, she’s been a story consultant for WARNER BROS, VILLAGE ROADSHOW, ICON, MIRAMAX, WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY and others. Featured in Final Draft’s new book, ASK THE PROS: SCREENWRITING, she currently works with writers, producers and agents as a script and literary consultant via her website: www.inside-story-ink.com.

Adina Ciment
Adina Ciment is a writer and movie junkie who has an uncanny ability to memorize random movie lines and apply them to every moment in her life. She is currently working on her first novel. You can follow her on twitter @aciment.

Ian Gonzales
A graduate of William Paterson University, Ian’s studied digital filmmaking at The New York Film Academy and improv at The People’s Improv Theater and Magnet Theater. He currently works with ex-cons and appliance salesmen and reads a lot of comics. He resides in the armpit of New York City, AKA New Jersey.

Linda Sheridan
A freelance writer who has worked as a reporter and PR agent, she is a lover of independent films.

Dale Wilson
A writer and artist living with his wife and dog in Los Angeles, what is now his fifth hometown. Dale has worked in several areas of art including writing, video, and installation but has a love for film and comic books.

Matt Ufford
A freelance writer, former Marine, and pop culture sponge living in New York. His experience in film includes dating actresses and watching a lot of DVDs while stationed in the middle of nowhere.

Aliza Hausman
A native New Yorker with an obsession for film who will watch anything (bad or good) for the sheer thrill of being entertained. She currently works as a freelancer writer and juggles various “admin” jobs to pay the bills. She has also labored long hours at CosmoGIRL! and Seventeen magazine.

Sarah Vance
She has received an MFA in Film Production from the University of Southern California. She has worked in development for Lightstorm Entertainment, The Ladd Company and Baltimore/Spring Creek. Prior to film school, she wrote and produced radio and television commercials. Currently, she is preparing to audition for the Ice Capades.

John Capo
A writer and director from New York. He has written a feature film, a two-hour television pilot and several short films. He is also a graduate of the Theater Arts and Film program at SUNY Purchase.

C. Corey Smith
A freelance writer and reviewer for several Los Angeles papers, as well as a number of websites. He is also a very busy actor and voice-over artist. His voices can be heard on dozens of commercials and cartoon series, as well as computer games such as The Matrix, Spiderman, and Everquest.

Kurt B. Davis
An award-winning filmmaker and a twice-optioned screenwriter. His latest project, JUST YOU, featuring R&B songstress Yasmeen, marks his debut as a music video director.

Ebenezer Samuel
Follow me on Twitter at Twitter.com/ebenezersamuel

Laura Nathan
The managing editor of www.inthefray.com, an online magazine concerning identity and community. She also frequently writes for publications such as The Independent, a film and video magazine, Fierce, and Paste, and is editing two forthcoming books — one regarding Howard Dean’s bid for the U.S. presidency, and another on the failures of the Democrats to address the interests of the left.

Monica Wilder
Monica Wilder is a freelance writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. She also co-wrote and produced the play, “Celebration of Love.”

Daryl J. Grove
A graduate of the University College Dublin and lives in Birmingham, England.

Marty Leicht
A screenwriter and freelance critic who one day hopes to eat an entire pineapple without cramping up.

Joshua Grover-David Patterson
This professional screenwriter from Oshkosh, Wisconsin will have his first film, “Searching for Mr.Right.Com,” released in Australia this year. In addition to scriptwriting, Patterson has also written for college radio and penned an award-nominated music column.

Sharon Wyly
Based in Orlando, Florida, Wyly has more than 10 years of experience in low budget independent features.

Leitha Matz
A deprogrammed kitchen slave with sci-fi film cred, film geek/food nerd Leitha Matz currently works as a writer in New York City, where she spends most of her time nitpicking ineffectual plate garnishes and shamefully exposed boom mics.

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