Remembering Richard Belzer

Richard Belzer, an actor who parlayed his comedic success into a decades-long tenure in hard-hitting drama, passed away yesterday at the age of 78.  Born Richard Jay Belzer in Bridgeport, Connecticut on August 4, 1944, he worked as a reporter … Read more

Topical Films for Veteran’s Day

As I write this, AMC cable channel, Sundance channel and other cable channels that recycle the same “war” movies every Veteran’s Day do not appear to have scheduled those same old movies. Midway, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Berets and … Read more

TailSlate looks at D-Day movies

June 6, 1944. What is now commonly referred to as “D-Day.” The WWII Allies launch Operation Overlord. Over 150,000 Allied troops were involved in “Operation Overlord.” As is the case with most major historical events, we’ve seen D-Day as the … Read more