Tony Jaa battles in 'Ong Bak'

Tony Jaa kicks open cultural doors

Tony Jaa the star of the new action film Ong Bak sees himself as an ambassador for Thai culture and Muay Thai and hopes that viewers will walk away from his films with something new something to think about.

'The Sea Inside'

Q&A with Alejandro Amenabar and Javier Bardem

The following is from a QA session with Alejandro Amenabar director of THE SEA INSIDE and the starring actor Javier Bardem during a roundtable session at the Drake Hotel on Dec. 15. Here they discuss preparation for the film its controversial subject matter and timeless relevance.

Exploring the Real Dracula

A QA with writer/director Michael D. Sellers a former CIA spook turned filmmaker who discusses his past and latest project Vlad starring Billy Zane and Brad Dourif.

Shola Lynch

Q&A with Shola Lynch

An interview with the documentary filmmaker about her experience charting the story of Shirley Chisholm the first black woman elected to the United States Congress.