‘Bombshell’ is fake news

“I believe in only two things completely: the first amendment, and boobs.” – Clay Travis Those words were actually spoken on CNN, but Bombshell posits that many over at its competitor Fox News share the sentiment. While a valiant effort … Read more

‘Aquaman’ wades into deep water

“Pouring forth its seas everywhere, then, the ocean envelops the earth and fills its deeper chasms” – Nicolaus Copernicus “The seas need their own Kyoto Protocol” – Enric Sala We’ve seen Jason Momoa as “Aquaman” already in Batman vs Superman: … Read more

‘Lion’ roars loudly and with feeling

‘Lion’ is the true story of Saroo Brierly, born in India who winds up 1,500 kilometers away from his family with no way to get back to them. Adopted while still a young child by an Australian couple, when he becomes an adult he decides to try to find his birth mother.

'Moulin Rouge'

I hate musicals… but ‘Moulin Rouge’ was great

Let me start by saying this: I HATE MUSICALS! With a few exceptions — The Music Man and White Christmas — I cant stand musicals. I just never understood how all those people know the same dance steps or all the words to the songs But Moulin Rouge is different…