‘Star Trek Beyond’ goes boldly down familiar roads

Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in ‘Star Trek Beyond’

“If ‘Trek’ is a hit, we’d love to do a series of films – a regular event. Look at James Bond’s films. They’ve been around since the early sixties.” – Gene Roddenberry

If only the Great Bird of the Galaxy, Mr. Gene Roddenberry had lived to see his vision going strong, five decades after the first episode of the TV series “Star Trek” first aired.  Star Trek Beyond is the third film in the reboot of the movie franchise and while it isn’t as excellent as the initial Star Trek from 2009, it is very pleasing to the eye.

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Star Trek Stuff

William Shatner and frequent uncredited stand-in Bill Blackburn in the “Star Trek” episode “Arena”

For the American television viewing public, it began on a Thursday evening in September of 1966.  September 8th to be specific.  That was the night that “Star Trek” first aired, on NBC.  One has to wonder if the executives at CBS who turned down the chance to air Star Trek who turned it down because they were already working on “Lost in Space;” regret that decision.

In honor of the release of Star Trek Beyond and the fact that Star Trek has been around for so long and is still going strong, here’s some background and trivia about the the Original Series and the films directly connected to that show.  True fans of Trek will know most, if not all of this but it is worth reviewing.

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TailSlate recasts the 1976 film ‘The Eagle Has Landed’

Rather than remaking classic films like True Grit or the upcoming Magnificent Seven we’ve decided to take a crack at a remake of a movie that made money and wasn’t panned by the critics.  In 1975 the bestselling The Eagle Has Landed was released.  The story of a secret German plot to assassinate Winston Churchill when he’s on a weekend in the English countryside, the book is well-written and while fictional; sounds more like a history of something that was kept secret.

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