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Russ Woody
Russ Woody

Neil Simon once said the best comedy comes from pain and veteran television writer, Russ Woody, proves there might be something to Simon’s theory. Woody has used his painful beginnings to create a successful career in television writing. He has won an Emmy for his work as a writer/producer on Murphy Brown and a Golden Globe for his work as a writer/producer on Cybil. He has also written for TV shows like Bosom BuddiesBensonHillstreet Blues, and Slap Maxwell. Presently, he’s the co-executive producer for the CBS sitcom, Becker.

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Making ‘Dungeon Dogs’ with Don Calabrese

'Dungeon Dogs' writer/director Don Calabrese talks with an actor on set
‘Dungeon Dogs’ writer/director Don Calabrese talks with an actor on set

The cameras were ready to role, the actors were in place. The director drew in a breath to yell action. Suddenly, the lights went out.

“What happened?” one of the crew said, on the darkened sidewalk of Bell Boulevard.

Lit by the streetlights, the crew of this no-budget film named “Dungeon Dogs” searched for the problem. The director/writer of the film, Don Calabrese, isn’t too upset. The first day of shooting of his short film has gone smoothly since it began at 6 p.m. The final shot of the day, a quick close of up actor Jimmy Vlachos, is all that’s needed to wrap for the night.

And the shoot is still right on schedule.

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