‘Momentum’ is a nice bit of sci-fi fluff

[rating=2]Starring: Louis Gossett, Jr., Teri Hatcher, Grayson McCouch, Michael Massee, Carmen Argenziano, Nicki Aycox
Director(s): James Seale
Writer(s): Deverin Karol

Grayson McCouch and Teri Hatcher in 'Momentum'
Grayson McCouch and Teri Hatcher in ‘Momentum’

I sat down to watch the DVD of Momentum with a bit of strange coincidence. I was away for a few days about two weeks ago, and one of those days this movie was on the Sci-Fi channel. I only got about twenty minute into the movie before I had to go out, but I thought it was interesting.

Then, what do you know, the good folks at Buena Vista sent it over to me. As I understand, they are pumping out a series of films on the Miramax and Dimension shelves as they shift gears from the reign of the Weinsteins, and this was one of Dimension’s properties. Either way, it was kind of funny to find this in my mailbox a few days after my return.

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