‘Making Movies: The Inside Guide to Independent Movie Production’

'Making Movies: The Inside Guide to Independent Movie Production' by John Russo
‘Making Movies: The Inside Guide to Independent Movie Production’ by John Russo

I recently moved, and was able to unpack several of my books which had been tucked away for awhile. I decided, since I was putting the book out for display, I should read it.

The book, as you can see by the image, is called “Making Movies,” by John Russo. A former cohort of George Romero (director of “Night of the Living Dead”), he has worked as a director and screenwriter, and wrote several books on filmmaking.

In this book, he really gets into the nuts and bolts of making films. From information and tips on how to get started in the business, to how to raise money, budget, market and promote your film.

Unlike most books on making movies, this one is rooted in real-world ideas and solutions. It also features stories from other famed writers/directors such as Sam Raimi (“Evil Dead,” “Spiderman”), to Oliver Stone (“Platoon,” “Natural Born Killers”). However, since the book was written in the late ’80s, it discusses film and video, but the information was compiled before the “digital revolution.”

Still, while the technological aspects of the book are slightly dated, the information the book offers is useful.

This same reason is why I did not really like “The Mummy Returns” as much as the first film.

I highly recommend Russo’s “Making Movies.” But, I should add that it may be quite difficult to find as it is out of print. However, Amazon.com does appear to have it, and you may also be able to get it through Barnes & Nobel’s website.

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