Natalie Portman brings ‘Jackie’ to life

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. Before the end of that month his widow, Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman - Black Swan, Thor) summoned Life Magazine journalist Theodore H. White (Billy Crudup - Spotlight, 20th Century Women) to the Kennedy's compound in Hyannis Port, MA. She wanted to give an interview as a kind of postscript to the Kennedy presidency and his assassination.

And the Golden Globe goes to…

'La La Land' wins all seven of the Golden Globes it was nominated forSanta Monica Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard are two of the busiest East/West...

Enjoy a fun ride with Jackie Chan and ‘Railroad Tigers’

Jackie Chan is indeed older but he's still energetic and able to generate laughter in an audience while creating plenty of action on-screen. He proves this in Railroad Tigers, which opened in limited release in the United States on January 6, 2017.

2016 at the box office

Was it a banner or bust year?As of December 28, 2016 here are the top ten movies at the box office (worldwide) for movies that...

’20th Century Women’ is filled with emotion, estrogen and excellence

15 year-old "Jamie" (Lucas Jade Zumann) is a familiar character to Mike Mills who wrote and directed 20th Century Women, as it is based on his own upbringing. In 1979 Jamie is into skateboarding and his best friend "Julie," but is having trouble in relating to his 55 year-old mother "Dorothea" (Annette Benning).

‘Lion’ roars loudly and with feeling

'Lion' is the true story of Saroo Brierly, born in India who winds up 1,500 kilometers away from his family with no way to get back to them. Adopted while still a young child by an Australian couple, when he becomes an adult he decides to try to find his birth mother.