I Blame It All On Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis in 'Die Hard'
Bruce Willis in ‘Die Hard’

The date had been embedded in my mind for months: July 4, 1990. On a Wednesday in the middle of an unusually hot summer, Die Hard 2: Die Harder would be released to the public. The first film, Die Hard, had quickly become a family favorite amongst me and my two brothers. We had seen the film countless times, reciting racy lines of dialogue and reenacting brutal violence at an age when we should have been playing baseball, not terrorist and hero cop. When the release date of the film was set, our house went into a collective frenzy. There was no doubt in our minds what we were going to do the night of July 4th. Forget barbecues or baseball games, if it did not entail Bruce Willis fighting terrorists, we were not interested.

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