Best Super Bowl XLVI Commercials: Movies

A handful of films shelled out the big bucks to be part of the Super Bowl commerical frenzy. But were they all worth the effort?

Of the host of block busters headed to the big screen this year, five had commercials during football’s big game (Go Giants!).

The first that needs to be discussed is The Avengers.

Clearly, this was the highlight of the night in terms of movie commericals. It also was a fairly clever one, in that the actual commercial was short and pointed you to watch the full trailer on Facebook.

This is clever in that it meant Marvel didn’t have to shell out the full price for a 60-second spot.

As for the trailer itself, it sure didn’t disappoint. At its heart is the Hulk, who has been largely absent in any of the previous teasers. There is also a lot more Iron Man. It really seems like Marvel is counting on Downey to help sell this flick more so than the other cast members, who aren’t highlighted quite so much.

This is understandable. He’s the most recognized of all the actors, and his two Iron Man films have garnered bigger box office returns than Captain America or Thor.

Next is John Carter.

Disney used a similar gag here by only showing a teaser during the actual game, then driving viewers to the Internet to see the full trailer.

There wasn’t much new here. I think this flick looks fantastic, and am anxious to see it, but I can’t say this trailer got me any more amped than I already am.

At the same time, it started to feel familiar to me. A little too familiar. The scene that was the trailer’s highlight showing Carter battling some white-haired beast seemed a little too reminicent of the arena battle in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones. And another moment in the extended trailer showing Carter manning a laser cannon had me seeing a similar looking moment in 1980’s cheesy-yet-awesome Flash Gordon.

Somehow this time around, John Carter seemed like it was visually borrowing aspects from other science fiction films. There’s even a scene with Carter makes a speech while splashed with blue something-or-other that seemed straight out of the non-sci fi epic, Braveheart.

I still have high hopes for the movie, but the trailer sparked instant recognition of so many other movies that it got me wondering. Will this feel like a tired tale by the time it comes out?

Then there was Battleship.

I have to admit, this is one of those films that has me going: Really? Battleship, the frickin’ movie?

It’s just such a silly concept.

I can understand Pirates of the Caribbean, which was based off an amusement park ride. At least there’s a natural story to be told there. And Hasbro making movies out of Transformers and G.I. Joe, those are all obvious.

But a board game?

And with aliens? I mean, what the hell does that have to do with Battleship?

Honestly, I think it would possibly have been better had they not called this Battleship. That leads to too many assumptions, and really, the movie looks like it could be pretty good.

The Super Bowl trailer provided a much broader look at the film, which has elaborate aliens and destruction and a whole host of special effects. It really does seem like a fun popcorn movie.

But with the title Battleship, how can you not just laugh. It’s so silly.

I’m sure as shit not saying that this flick will be the highlight of the summer, but it looks like there’s some potential. I just think the whole notion that it’s actually called Battleship and is lifted from the game — which is quite fun — is ridiculous. It makes for an uphill battle to convince audiences that it’s won’t be silly, which they could have avoided by just calling it something else.

As a result, to a degree, it feels like they had a script and then just slapped the name Battleship on it.

For kids, there was Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.

This was probably the least impressive spot, especially since there was nothing new to it.

The colorful storybook tale’s trailer has been in theaters for a while, and this Super Bowl version had little to nothing new to it. In fact, it’s pretty much a short version of the extended trailer that’s played in theaters and online since last year.

Still, have to say I’m looking forward to this one. It looks like a beautiful piece of animation mixed with some potentially entertaining humor and promising characters.

Besides, I have to like it, since my kids are already anxious to see it.

Lastly, there was Act of Valor.

This is definitely an intriquing film, to say the least. The low-budget actioner, filmed using “real” military personnel, has some promise.

Aside from the Navy SEALs that supposedly play roles in the movie, it’s also a feature film shot completely using Canon DSLRs. That in and of itself makes it a must see on the big screen, just to view how good the digital cameras can shoot an action movie and still look good blown up like that.

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