‘Shottas’ doesn’t give you much to care about

Michael Sheridan

Michael Sheridan has worked as a writer for more than a decade for websites, magazines and newspapers.

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  1. Doesn't matter says:

    I disagree with this review respectfully.

    It is obvious that the writer has no third world slum experience/ inner city ghetto experience.

    Biggs for example shows that conscience you request when voicing his disapproval of Wayne’s extortion in Jamaica. The lower class is often times taxed and extorted in countries like Jamaica and that reality is reflected.

    In the United States its more the statement that Jamaicans can run in a foreign territory and take over. Would it make sense to you if we discussed the Irish in Hell’s Kitchen? The criminal world has always had ethnic pride, see prison gangs based on race. Pride in tribe and the title “shottas” is just that, a Jamaican thug braggadocio movie.

    Nothing different to Tony Montanas scar face rags to riches story. Wayne and Biggs get to Miami and rags to riches tale, quickly climb to the top of the criminal underworld. Unfortunately, ghetto youths dream.

    The movie is a hood classic or what you would call a cult classic. It is a cultural movie you don’t understand and quite frankly you sound ignorant when criticizing this film. No offense, get off your high horse. Respectfully.

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