‘Pride and Glory’ is not glorious to watch

Sadly there is very little glory or pride to be found in Gavin O’Connor’s Pride and Glory. an attempt at a gritty New York City police crime drama involving a family with a deep history of service wearing the blue uniforms of NYPD’s Finest.

‘The Bank Job’

Director Roger Donaldson (No Way Out) brings the story of an actual bank robbery to the big screen, with major elements of truth involved that were covered up by British secrecy laws; and somehow it all works. Yet, the final … Read more

‘Snakes on a Plane’ is an e-ticket flight

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard New Line Cinema’s non-stop adventure flight Snakes on a Plane, with flight crew of director David R. Ellis (Cellular, Final Destination 2) and screenwriters John Hefferman and Sebastian Gutierrez. Please remember to … Read more