‘The Promise’ uses a love triangle to tell the story of the Armenian Genocide

There is no shortage of films on the Armenian Genocide. 20 documentary films since 1945. 15 feature movies prior to The Promise from writer/director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda, Reservation Road). However, given the refusal of the government of Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide over a century later, the issue is important enough to warrant another feature telling the tale.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ goes boldly down familiar roads

Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in ‘Star Trek Beyond’

“If ‘Trek’ is a hit, we’d love to do a series of films – a regular event. Look at James Bond’s films. They’ve been around since the early sixties.” – Gene Roddenberry

If only the Great Bird of the Galaxy, Mr. Gene Roddenberry had lived to see his vision going strong, five decades after the first episode of the TV series “Star Trek” first aired.  Star Trek Beyond is the third film in the reboot of the movie franchise and while it isn’t as excellent as the initial Star Trek from 2009, it is very pleasing to the eye.

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