‘Iron Sky’ offers up Nazis like you’ve never seen them before – don’t worry they’re funny

'Iron Sky' poster
‘Iron Sky’ poster

We’re going to file this under — It Looks Go Bad, It’s Gotta Be Good.

Iron Sky is the daring story about an invasion by a fleet of space ships — made and controlled by Nazis who have been living on the “dark side” of the Moon for 70 years.

The movie started production in 2006, according to its press release. Here’s the lowdown (Then check out the trailer below!):

The Fenno-Austro-German Iron Sky, a dark scifi comedy about the invasion of Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon, celebrates its upcoming premiere at Berlin International Film Festival by releasing the very official theatrical trailer, showcasing what the dark horse of the Berlinale has to offer.

The trailer establishes that the Nazis in exile have been watching Earth for 70 years, constructing a huge fleet of flying saucers. When the Nazis decide that they have bided their time long enough and launch a full scale assault against the Earth, they find that Earth is the easy prey they sought to conquer. The massive top notch visuals alone speak volumes about the uniqueness of the movie.

“It was extremely difficult to make a movie like this. Honestly, it’s amazing we ever finished the film,” says Timo Vuorensola, the director of Iron Sky. “The many hardships and all the trouble we went through to make an indie product like this was staggering, but we pulled it through. We’re proud of our accomplishments, and the theatrical trailer gives a powerful glimpse into the world of Iron Sky.”

“The concept of Iron Sky is strong, and the movie both looks and sounds awesome. We really believe it can compete against the big Hollywood blockbusters ten times our budget,” says producer Tero Kaukomaa. “We aim to give these giants a good run for their money, and show what power a community like ours really wields. We are encouraging our fans to grab the trailer and spread it through the Internet like it was the end of the world. We want more views for our trailer than these blockbusters, and with our dedicated fan base, we know we can do it!”

Iron Sky‘s fan base has been steadily growing since the production started in 2006. The movie’s Facebook page alone has 100,000 fans, with millions of views on all three teasers, and unparalleled amounts of international attention. The production is in fact coproduced by the community – the fans have brought almost million dollars to the production budget through fan investments and funding.

Six years in the making, the 7.5 million euro production will have it’s world premiere at Berlin international Film Festival as part of the Panorama special selection. The tickets were sold out in an hour, overshadowing both Werner Herzog and Angelina Jolie’s newest productions. The theatrical release date forIron Sky is April 4th 2012, and it has been sold to over 30 territories worldwide.

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