Top Ten Movie Nude Scenes

To be completely honest, I was a little uncomfortable about writing this list. It popped into my head one night on the drive home and seemed like a good idea, but what concerned me is that I didn’t want it to become a detailed exploration of actresses and their boobs.

It’s not that I’m some high-and-mighty guy, just that there are plenty of lists like that. I had to make this one a little different, so I set some ground rules. And as a result, it took me almost a month to write.

The first rule was that none of the scenes could be out-right gratuitous. Sure, most nudity is gratuitous. There’s no real reason to have nudity ever, really, in a movie. But if it is done well and incorporated into the story properly it works. It’s a natural part of the film and not some moment or scene that just sticks out as a “Hey, she’s showing her breasts!” kind of moment.

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