We Cast This Movie! ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Michael Sheridan

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  1. Sohaila says:

    If the picture was made at the same time of the series with the same actors, it would make sense. At that era, this series had its own type of charm. The whole family left whatever they were doing and gathered to watch this together. It would not had been so successful as only a movie in 70s either. Both Waltons and The little House on the Prarie were made at the time of energy crisis of 70s aiming to emphasize money did not matter and you could still feel content with the love of family and simple active life; showing business people a tad superficial. All has changed now and programmes like Apprentice and Big Brother promoted selfishness and greed since start of new millinium.

  2. Taravilyaion says:

    I don’t mind most of the replacements but I’d hate to see Bill Murray as Nels, Matt Damon as Charles, Jayden Smith as Albert & Morgan Freeman as reverent Alden..
    These are all terribly annoying (Bill, Matt, Jayden) and/or terribly bad actors (Jayden & Matt) except for Morgan Freeman, but I still think their could be a better fitting actor such as Kevin Spacey.

  3. Sarah says:

    The picture of “Lindsay/Sidney Greenbush is also wrong. That little girl played the character “Cassandra Cooper”.

  4. Ken says:

    Yeah, he’s right. The names are wrong for who played Caroline Ingalls.

    Karen Grassle played Caroline Ingalls.
    Melissa Sue Anderson played Mary Ingalls.
    It says Melissa played the role of Caroline, which she did not. Karen did.

  5. david wilder says:

    The pictures above Melissa Sue Anderson, Karen Grassle) don’t go with the correct names of characters. Is any of this “information”–or just speculation?

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