‘Lucky Bastard’ is graphic, disturbing and excellent

Brian Milinsky

Brian Milinsky has served in the military, been an FM D.J. and an award-winning radio news reporter/anchor/writer/editor. He is presently a screenwriter and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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  1. October 14, 2013

    […] One of the great aspects of this film, thanks to writers Nathan (who directed) and Kendall is that they make the audience understand that the people who make porn are real people, with homes, bills, and kids to care for. Too often the media’s portrayals of those who work in this industry are dehumanizing. It also manages; in spite of what some feminists might claim, to actually empower the two main female characters.They are strong, don’t put up with nonsense and to them, having sex in front of a camera is merely acting. —Brian Milinsky, Tail Slate […]

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