Adrianne Palicki in ‘Wonder Woman’ with short-shorts

Adrianne Palicki with actor on set of 'Wonder Woman' pilot
Adrianne Palicki with actor on set of ‘Wonder Woman’ pilot

Just when you thought all was said and done about the aborted Wonder Woman series, somehow it finds a way to get our attention.

Well, my attention, anyway.

This time its a new photo that supposedly reveals that the over-discussed costume that the Amazonian heroine was to don in the series may have remained more true to its roots that initially believed.

A fellow by the name of Christopher Cooper, a Wonder Woman fanatic who apparently was the fellow who recorded some of the initial footage from the set of the David E. Kelley pilot when it filmed on the streets of Los Angeles, posted this photo via Twitter on Sunday.

Not quite sure who the bald fellow is with actress Adrianne Palicki, but I’m guessing he was one of the villains we saw in the aforementioned video (see it below).

I don’t know what you guys think, but I’m not quite sure this sexier, more Lynda Carter-inspired outfit with the bikini shorts would have made much of a difference. Wonder Woman’s costume is just basically silly (I mean, just look at these photos), and there’s no way this wasn’t going to look ridiculous, with tights or without.

I still hope we get to the the pilot. Warner Bros. would probably be wise, if it is indeed good, to release it via something like iTunes and let fans decide if they want a series. If enough people like it, I’m sure a network would snatch it up.

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