No ‘Star Trek’ in 2012 thanks to J.J. Abrams & ‘Super 8’

No new 'Star Trek' until 2013?!
No new ‘Star Trek’ until 2013?!

Well, fellow trekkers, I guess we’re stuck waiting again.

Paramount has officially announced that the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek reboot won’t be coming out June 29, 2012.

The delay was sparked by J.J. Abrams work on this weekend’s new release, Super 8, which kept him from working on Star Trek 2 (or 12, if you count all the Trek films).

Delays on Trek have been reported for a while. Ain’t It Cool News’ Hercules wrote last month that Abrams hadn’t even approved of the 70-page treatment for the sequel. And it doesn’t seem that the director is in much of a rush, which honestly is probably a good thing.

Abrams told CNN on Sunday:

“We’re working on the script and story and doing everything we can to make it well. I would just so much rather make a movie that’s worth people’s time than make a movie that’s on time… I’m inclined to make a movie that’s good and if it works out in that timetable then we’ll all be thrilled. If it doesn’t, when the movie comes out it’ll be worth the wait.”

Hard to be annoyed with the dude when he makes such a good point.

In all sincerity, I’m torn over the Trek reboot. While I found it entertaining, as a long-time Star Trek fanatic, it was a big disappointment (you can read more about that here).

No new date has been set, but in all likelyhood Kirk and Co. will take to the stars again in 2013. They could possibly aim for a holiday release in 2012, similar to how the 2009 film was released, but I’d be surprised. Seems like with the amount of time they’d likely need to get things completed, it’ll take more than just a few months. I would bet production won’t even begin until next year.

But Paramount shouldn’t let things go for too long. Any later and they’ll likely be in trouble, as a five-year gap between movies is a pretty big period of time. Any momentum they may have had from the first one has already burned away.

Still, fans will eat it up, as they naturally do. As for those other casual fans or people who don’t give a crap, some other sci-fi extravaganza will undoubtedly distract them in the meantime.

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